Getting Mopar parts: the big list for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and the vintage cars

Whether you have a new or vintage car, there are times when wandering down to your local dealer doesn’t work. Maybe they charge double list price, making a nice thousand-percent profit like the jewelry store; maybe the parts just aren’t in stock any more; maybe you live in Germany and the local dealer is too far away. Regardless, we have some options: aftermarket, used, and new-from-cheaper-dealers. (There are several authorized Stellantis/Mopar dealers who charge roughly 20% under list price.)

This list is kept up to date, but there may still be some bad links; things do change. We are not endorsing anyone! This is just a list for convenience.

Manuals and tool

  • Tech Authority is the official Mopar publishing house; they have service, diagnostics, and repair manuals, as well as training materials, for current and vintage cars.
  • Troxel’s sells manuals, paint guides, and other materials
  • Mopar Essentials sells Mopar-specific tools

Recycling depots (junkyards)

Global recyclers

  • Obselete Auto Parts, Australia
  • Jürgen Roterberg (Germany) with 30,000 parts
  • The Old Cave parts and spares, Argentina, ships globally
  • Hissjö, Sweden
  • South-West Automatics (stock or race-ready Mopar transmissions and parts), Australia

General parts, and paint

  • RockAuto has a massive catalog, vintage to current, and often has discontinued parts at very low prices; try to buy multiple items from the same warehouse to save money; good returns policy
  • Northern Auto Parts
  • AutoAccessories Garage – like the old J.C. Whitney
  • Commons Auto Parts in South San Francisco. (650) 583 1242 – reputed to have lots of Mopar parts.

Dealers: authorized Mopar parts, at a discount

The one problem with Mopar dealers is that none of them have parts as their primary business, leading to poorly designed, slow, sometimes confusing web sites; crazy high restock fees; and high shipping. Many parts are non-returnable. These are the ones I’ve been able to find. Pricing is usually 20% below list but can vary rather dramatically. Sometimes they sell the same part on ebay or with free shipping and lower prices.

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  • We R Mopar: Cheaper than usual shipping, 20% restock fee.
  • Mopar Parts Giant: claims up to 40% off. Customer pays shipping on non-defective items, they “work with you” on defective items; 20% restock fee may be waived in some cases.
  • Koller Dodge / Pomoco: May have left the parts business while leaving their site up.

Body parts and lighting (especially for restoration)

Restoriation and specialty items

Performance parts

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