What is the StellPower plan?

StellPower isn’t much yet. But we hope it will be bigger and better.

The plan is that, while a certain other site was grown out of one person’s spare time, over the course of over a decade, this one would start out as a joint project.

The forum is integrated with the news page now; and the historical or subject articles are also integrated with the news. A random article system is in place, but will only run the “evergreen” content, e.g. historical or new-vehicle, but not regular news that has little attraction a year later. Comments in the news section go into the forums and vice versa; to comment on news, you have to be registered for the forum.


We are integrating both news and historical coverage. If you only want to see one or the other, use the menus.

We are starting out as a sole-proprietor LLC, but plan to expand to a partnership once things shake out. In the meantime, we are tracking views. We are currently thinking that advertising revenue will be divided up according to a formula which integrates views, back-end work (e.g. maintaining the technical aspect of the site, or spreading the word), and such. The main writers and operators will share ownership, while all writers get their share of the revenue as time goes on, albeit probably with a limit of “two years after the last thing they wrote” and a nuisance-minimum paying of, say, $20.

Ideally, we will eventually have sponsors rather than the annoying and slow auction-type ads on most sites.

Join us.

Update: We had to change the site name from Mopower to Stellpower .

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