Betty White Introduces the 1958 Plymouth Lineup

Today is Betty White’s 99th birthday and while she may not seem to have much connection to the Mopar world, she actually starred in a commercial for the 1958 Plymouth lineup. In doing so, not only did Betty White introduce the world to the 1958 Plymouth lineup, but she also introduced the world to a car that would eventually become an important piece of Mopar-Hollywood history. That is, of course, the 1958 Plymouth that starred in the movie “Christine” 25 years later.

Betty Whte

While this is little more than an interesting bit of trivia today, back when this commercial was new, this was a pretty big deal. Betty White was an enormously famous actress at the time, so for her promotion of the 1958 Plymouth lineup surely caught the attention of the viewing audience.

1958 Plymouth

She even goes so far as to state that the 1958 Plymouth convertible is “just like mine”, so in addition to promoting the brand, it seems that she also drove a classic drop-top Mopar.

Betty White 1958 Plymouth

In any case, January 17th, 2021 is Betty White’s 99th birthday, so it seemed like a fitting time to share this unique 1958 Plymouth commercial. It is three-minutes long and includes a series of musical interludes and a look at several cars from the then-new model year. Plus, who doesn’t love Betty White?


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