Mopar adds WiFi-capable hybrid chargers for 4xe, PHEV

BEV charger

Mopar is now selling WiFi-capable 240-volt chargers for owners of Jeep® 4xe vehicles and the Chrysler Pacifica PHEV; available in plug-in or hardwired versions, they can provide a full charge in a little over two hours, around six times faster than 120V chargers. Adding WiFi gives owners the ability to monitor and control charging via … Read more

Get ready for a new transmission

880RE transmission (pictured: ZF Gen 4)

It’s got eight speeds. It was engineered by ZF, originally, and was modified by the friendly Mopar powertrain engineers. It’s able to handle a lot of torque, and can have an integrated electric motor. It’s the brand new, fourth-generation ZF 8-speed, dubbed 880RE. The first eight stands for eight forward gears; the second is a … Read more

Stellantis ties up with solid-state battery maker for electric cars

Factorial CEO Siyu Huang and solid state battery

Lithium-ion batteries have been miraculous for laptops, phones, and watches, but have some issues in cars. The next generation, many believe, will be solid state batteries, which use a solid electrolyte material to provide greater range and increased safety. Factorial Energy has developed what they believe to be a breakthrough in solid state battery technology; … Read more

Samsung to join LG in making Stellantis batteries in North America

Ram BEV cutaway

According to Automotive News, Stellantis is hedging its LG bets by forming an alliance with fellow South Korean battery-maker Samsung SDI; both will make batteries for North American Stellantis vehicles. Samsung SDI makes EV batteries in South Korea, Hungary, and China; it counts BMW and Ford as clients. The plant location is still under review, … Read more

LG-Stellantis to make batteries in North America

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe PHEV

LG, whose batteries are perhaps best known for causing a $2 billion GM recall, is Stellantis’ joint venture partner for a North American battery plant. The well-publicized LG gaffe may have helped Stellantis negotiators quite a bit. The new plant is to start pumping out car batteries in early 2024, with an annual capacity of … Read more

Hybrid-ready 8-speeds coming to Kokomo

2022 Ram 1500 Limited 10th Anniversary Edition

Stellantis is finally making an eight-speed automatic that can be used in hybrid-electric and gasoline-powered vehicles; at the moment, the “4xe” hybrids use ZF-built transmissions. The changes, which affect three plants near or in Kokomo, Indiana—one casting plant and two transmission plants— will cost around $229 million. The eight-speed transmissions Chrysler builds are modified to … Read more

Not toys: the 2024-2025 Ram electric pickups

Ram BEV cutaway

Ram, probably the main profit driver of Stellantis in North America, has been increasingly popular thanks to its “new-plus-old-generations” sale strategy. In the future, though, electric power may be the key to success; and Ram is apparently set on staying relevant, without losing its character. The cutaway in the Ram EV Day presentation shows a … Read more

Chrysler’s electric minivans—of the 1990s

epic electric cars

“Who killed the electric car?” asked a movie, some years ago, implying that General Motors deliberately destroyed the rebirth of electrics. The movie ignored Chrysler’s epic electric car program of the same time—a program which sold cars, rather than leasing them, and was something of a success. Made in Plymouth and Dodge versions, the EPIC … Read more