GME T6 “Tornado” engine is officially real, here’s where it’s made (updated)

While nobody at Stellantis has talked about the new straight-six engine, the turbocharged “Tornado” six is actually listed in the company’s list of manufacturing plants. As Stellpower reported weeks ago, the engine will be made in Saltillo, which is currently home of the Hemi—every Hemi. The new inline six-cylinder engine, possibly the last completely new … Read more

GME-T6 coming to Saltillo; 5.7 Hemi leaving?

It might be the last truly new engine made by Stellantis—the engine coded Tornado, after the British fighter. Four years ago, I wrote about this turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine for Allpar.  At the time, people in the company said this powerplant would replace the 5.7 Hemi. There were six advantages of this engine over the Hemi: … Read more

Why are we still waiting for more Jeep power?

Wrangler 4xe system

FCA had already started making a strong four-cylinder turbo engine and was near production on a strong turbo six when it merged with Peugeot. So, months later, why are we still seeing Jeeps with low-power four-cylinder engines, and nothing to compete with Ford’s turbo sixes? The answer is production. The Jeep version of the turbo-2.0, … Read more

Future Mopars: Hemi or GME-T6?

Nearly four years ago, I wrote about the “Tornado,” as the turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine then being development was coded (not after the Jeep engine, but the airplane, in line with other Chrysler engine projects). Insiders were certain that the 5.7 Hemi, which was overdue for upgrades—upgrades which had reportedly been at least partly created, … Read more