Mopar, Stellantis owners less loyal than GM, but not at bottom

feldman cdjr (jeep dealer)

American Stellantis owners are less likely to stay loyal to the company than buyers of GM or Ford cars, by a wide margin, according to Experian data published recently by Automotive News. However, Stellantis is not at the bottom of the automotive field—though its competitors are generally much smaller. Among major manufacturers, GM is surprisingly … Read more

GME-T6 coming to Saltillo; 5.7 Hemi leaving?

It might be the last truly new engine made by Stellantis—the engine coded Tornado, after the British fighter. Four years ago, I wrote about this turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine for Allpar.  At the time, people in the company said this powerplant would replace the 5.7 Hemi. There were six advantages of this engine over the Hemi: … Read more

Why are we still waiting for more Jeep power?

Wrangler 4xe system

FCA had already started making a strong four-cylinder turbo engine and was near production on a strong turbo six when it merged with Peugeot. So, months later, why are we still seeing Jeeps with low-power four-cylinder engines, and nothing to compete with Ford’s turbo sixes? The answer is production. The Jeep version of the turbo-2.0, … Read more

Mopar collection up for auction—if you can get there

Collectors Keith and Denise Neufeld brought together an interesting mix of cars and parts over 30 years; and all of their collection is now being auctioned off, including a 1967 Dart GT, 2008 Dodge Magnum SRT8, Dodge 400, Fargo pickup, Plymouth Special Deluxe, Chrysler New Yorker, and various Brand X and other trucks. Among the … Read more

A long wait for a new Chrysler?

Chrysler badge (on 300G)

Every brand gets ten years to prove itself. That’s the promise of Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, and it’s going to be a tough wait for Chrysler, which might go down to a single model before it starts expanding again—then to either succeed or, in 2031, be dissolved, ending a 107-year run and being replaced by … Read more

Stellantis’ hefty profits; North America still a powerhouse

Stellantis financials - earnings - dollars

Stellantis has reported high first-half-of-2021 results, with an 11.4% margin; all segments were profitable. The following results are listed in euros; currently, €1 = US$1.19. First, net revenues were €72.6 billion, compared with €19.6 billion one year ago; the net profit was €5.8 billion, vs €797 million in the first half of 2020. Pro format, … Read more

Global Stellantis design meeting; Gladiator shutdown

Second news brief first: The Jeep Gladiator is temporarily being paused due to parts shortages, while the Wrangler will stay in full production. First brief second: Ralph Gilles provided a snapshot of a global design meeting, bringing together design leaders for every Stellantis brand. Ralph wrote, “What an honor to team up with Jean-Pierre Ploue, … Read more

Not toys: the 2024-2025 Ram electric pickups

Ram BEV cutaway

Ram, probably the main profit driver of Stellantis in North America, has been increasingly popular thanks to its “new-plus-old-generations” sale strategy. In the future, though, electric power may be the key to success; and Ram is apparently set on staying relevant, without losing its character. The cutaway in the Ram EV Day presentation shows a … Read more