Return of the Chrysler Atlantic?

Chrysler Atlantic

When Chrysler was having its renaissance in the 1990s, breaking stereotypes and barriers, Tom Gale was trying to find a flagship car to represent each of the brands. Dodge had the Viper; Jeep already had the Wrangler; and Plymouth would have the Prowler. Chrysler was his one failure; he never nailed down the brand that … Read more

Refilling the Cummins “hydrogen diesel” (possibly coming to Ram)

Some time ago, we posted a story on Stellantis’ hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). That is one path forward for areas where battery-electric vehicles aren’t practical, but it’s likely Ram heavy duty pickups will have another option: Cummins 6.7 liter B-type diesels hydrogen engines. Cummins, a pioneer in diesel engines (having run them at the Indy 500), … Read more

FCA inventors create new Park setup

880RE transmission (pictured: ZF Gen 4)

Creating a new hybrid-electric transmission (with integrated electric motors) brings up some problems and opportunities; one of the more prosaic ones is the humble parking pawl, that little bit of metal that keeps the car or truck from moving when the transmission is in Park. Typically, a notched wheel on the output shaft locks up … Read more

Imprisoned Harvey Weinstein suing FCA US

2017 wrangler crash test

From his prison cell, where he resides after a conviction for sexual assault and rape, former producer Harvey Weinstein is suing FCA US for $5 million because, three years ago, his Jeep flipped over. He claims he has been “catastrophically injured and rendered paralyzed” and remains in pain due to the event. Weinstein claims he … Read more

New generation of engines boosting power

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe PHEV

A new generation of engines has bolstered power across the entire former-Chrysler lineup, with the possible exception of the four-cylinder realm—where output is higher, but reviewers have gotten slower acceleration. The across-the-board increase was highlighted by comments from “vbondjr1”: New / Old Old HP Old Torque New HP New Torque 1.3T / 2.4 184 177 … Read more

Jeep breaking out of Indian niche

Jeep Meridian (Compass based)

Jeep had less than a 1% market share in India in 2020. It’s a tough market, partly because a former Willys licensee, Mahindra & Mahindra, makes inexpensive vehicles that look just like today’s (and yesterday’s Jeeps)—and they have every legal right to do so. Some believe that Jeep’s drive to increase sales is also not … Read more

Resolving Rumors: Dodge Challengers With Manual Transmission

Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Interior

It has been discussed quite a bit over the course of the past six months that the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is currently not available with the 6-speed manual transmission. A report from Road & Track in March suggested that the option had been removed for the supercharged muscle car in late 2021 while the … Read more

Meet the “new” head of FCA US supply chain

It seems like just yesterday Stellantis was rated as the worst automaker to work with by suppliers, in a Plante Moran survey which has been run since 2013. Almost at the same time, Stellantis’ global head of purchasing was replaced; and today, Automotive News reported that the North American head of supply chain, Martin Hornbeck, … Read more

When Jeep recalled three dozen vehicles

2022 jeep Wrangler

Jeep announced two exceedingly small recalls for lighting issues. Around two dozen 2022 Grand Cherokee/Grand Cherokee Ls were recalled due to a body computer which may flash the hazard lights when braking, which violates federal rules. All affected vehicles were made on January 26; the total was five Grand Cherokees and 15 Grand Cherokee Ls, … Read more

What on Earth is a Jeep Meridian? (Updated)

Jeep Meridian for India

Today, Stellantis announced renewed investment in India, with four Jeeps to be made there—the Wrangler, Compass, Grand Cherokee, and … Meridian. What on earth is a Jeep Meridian, you may ask? This is a Jeep Meridian. The Meridian is a seven-seat version of the Jeep Compass, complete with front wheel drive origins and similar front styling, … Read more