JPP Debuts 2-inch Lift for Wrangler, Gladiator with Bilstein Shocks

Jeep Wrangler Lift

One of the aspects of the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator that make them so popular is the ability to outfit them with all sorts of upgraded components via the Jeep Performance Parts line. Although the Wrangler and Gladiator are the most off-road-capable vehicles in their respective segments, many owners want items that make it even … Read more

Any color, as long as it’s white: Jeep, Ram, and Dodge’s oddly pricey color options

pricey paint - Jeep, Dodge, Ram

Henry Ford famously said that buyers of the Model T could have any color they wanted, as long as it was black—because black paint was cheap and (mainly) because it dried quickly.

Today, if you want a Ford Bronco, you can get white, black, gray, red, green, or blue, all free even on the base model (though there is an $1,895 charge for bringing the car to your dealership, which is $200 more than Jeep charges).

At Dodge, black is the only free color on the Hornet, whether you get a base model or an R/T Plus at over $45,000. Every other color is $495 or $595. <>Read more

STLA Medium revealed on same day as 2024 Hornet R/T

STLA Medium platform

Stepping on its own press releases, Stellantis today released the STLA Medium platform, which will host cars and crossovers from just about every STLA brand—most likely including Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler, and possibly even Ram.

STLA Medium is, in short, a global platform; it can handle compact and midsize cars and crossovers (C and D segments), potentially replacing everything from the Renegade to the Cherokee, or from Neon to Stratus/Sebring. Stellantis has 26 nameplates that could be covered by STLA Medium, and has the factory capacity to make two million vehicles per year on the platform this year. <>Read more

How Ram, Jeep, and Dodge are balancing price and volume

Muddy Jeep Wrangler badge (2024)

People judge brands along many dimensions—for example, Reliability, Safety, Value, Styling, Performance, and Comfort. Brands position themselves in two ways—through the product itself, and through marketing. For example, Dodge has hammered on Styling and Performance in its marketing for over ten years—and has honed its product lineup on both dimensions…. <>Read more

Former Trenton plant engineer to head STLA Customer Experience

William Kendall

William Kendall, who joined Chrysler in 1994 as a plant engineer at Trenton Engine, will lead North American Customer Experience starting on July 1. Kendall rose through manufacturing quality positions, focusing on powertrain, over the years; he has a master’s in mechanical engineering and an MBA. He is moving to the new position, replacing David … Read more

Dealers can’t order gas-only Jeeps in 14 states—PHEVs in the rest

2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe

According to a story by Vince Bond, Jr., in Automotive News, Stellantis dealers can no longer order gasoline-only cars “on spec” in states following California air pollution rules (“CARB states”). Nearly all the CARB states are in the Northeast or coastal West. 

Dealers can still order vehicles for customers—just not “on spec.” 

To balance supply and demand, dealers in other states can no longer buy plug-in hybrids from Stellantis without customer orders. Some customers are crossing state lines to buy cars off the lot—both gasoline-only and PHEV versions.  <>Read more

Dodge’s Roadkill Nights moving to bigger venue

Roadkill Nights by Dodge

The highly successful Roadkill Nights, now dubbed “MotorTrend Presents Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge,” is moving to Pontiac (Michigan) with street racing down Woodward Avenue. The event, which attracted 40,000 people last year, is moving the starting line to Woodward and West Pike Street to expand the venue for the one-day festival of horsepower on … Read more

STLA V2X/EVAS system in 1.8 million cars, inspired by employee, created via Star*Up


To help create a culture of innovation, Stellantis created the Star*Up program, where employees presented their ideas. A hearing-impaired worker who was not named provided the idea for visual hazard notices, according to Automotive News, which resulted in Stellantis’ participation in the HAAS Alert System. The idea was presented in 2021 and pushed into production far … Read more

1989 Plymouth Voyager Runs a 10.74 Quarter Mile

Badass Performance 1989 Plymouth Voyager Turbo

The Mopar community knows that the 1980s Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler cars got their biggest performance numbers from turbocharged four-cylinder engines. The Shelby Charger, Daytona, Omni GLH, Shadow, Spirit and Laser all benefited from the turbocharged engine program, allowing them to keep up with (if not beat) the Mustangs and Camaros of that era, but … Read more

Early retirements, buyouts for 3,500 FCA US people

Brampton - final Dodge Demon

A UAW local just announced that Stellantis is seeking 3,500 early departures from FCA US via buyouts and retirement offers, according to Automotive News. The company has around 40,500 hourly workers. (See update.) The news comes via a letter to members from UAW Local 1264, which reported that the cuts will be widespread (AutoNews posted … Read more

Fratzonic Exhaust Take II, and Just what in Hellcat is the new Charger EV hiding?

Dodge Charger Daytona

Guest Opinion. While many are reluctantly sounding approval of the sound of the second version of the Charger Banshee Concept’s Fratzonic chamber, I love it. It is a major step in the right direction, making it sound like there is something living and breathing within this vehicle.

Many video reviews call it “fake” sound; but Dodge took the sound of the motors, tuned the frequency, and pushed it through a resonating system (electronically amplified) to create the sound. The concept is no different from aftermarket mufflers. Some companies make speaker systems with downloadable V8 sound tracks, but Stellantis did something different—using the EV motors’ actual sound. Not to get into a long-drawn-out debate about real or fake sound, something else lurks beneath the surface of the waters at Dodge. <>Read more