A Close Up Look at the Jeep Wagoneer Twin Turbo Inline Six

Jeep Wagoneer Hurricane Engine

Earlier this week, I had a chance to drive the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L with the new Hurricane 3.0-liter twin turbocharged inline-six engine. We aren’t allowed to share our drive impressions with those big SUVs until next month, but in the meantime, I wanted to share my pictures of the … Read more

Ram slots Heavy Duty Rebel between Rebel, Power Wagon

2023 Ram 2500 Rebel

Today at the State Fair of Texas, Ram unveiled a 2023 surprise—the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Rebel. The Ram Heavy Duty Rebel will have a choice of the 6.4 Truck Hemi or the 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel; either way, buyers get a unique off-road suspension, rear limited slip differential, and rear electronic locker. A factory-installed 12,000-lb. … Read more

Ram’s second run of Built to Serve trucks are here

Built to Serve flag

Ram’s second installment of “Built to Serve” limited-edition models geared towards first responders is aimed at Emergency Medical Service (EMS) workers. Ram’s leader, Mike Koval, Jr., noted, “The Ram 1500 ‘Built to Serve’ EMS edition is our way of honoring and expressing deep gratitude to the frontline heroes who serve or have served our country.” … Read more

Why the diesel had to go

VM diesel (Ram)

Buildout for Ram 1500 diesel pickups is coming in January 2023. That spells the end for the small Italian diesels, made by Fiat subsidiary VM, though Cummins diesels will continue to drive heavy-duty Rams. Changes are the Gladiator diesel will follow into oblivion as well. Why? The 3.0 L “EcoDiesel” produces 260 hp and 480 … Read more

The last Ram 1500 Diesel is coming

2021 Ram 1500 Tradesman HFE EcoDiesel

Ram is dropping the EcoDiesel engine from the 1500, with the final truck to be made in January 2023. The option was first made in 2014, and upgraded for durability in the 2020 Ram 1500. The VM diesel engine, a 3.0 liter V6, brought Ram 1500 the highest half-ton diesel torque rating and towing capability, … Read more

Goodbye, WGE/TigerShark!

2.4-liter MultiAir Tigershark Engine

The 2022 Jeep Cherokee was the first to drop the 2.4 liter four-cylinder—an engine whose block was jointly designed by Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and DaimlerChrysler, with each company setting up their own air and fuel delivery systems. Under Cerberus and Fiat, Chrysler redesigned these to create “Tigershark” versions; but they remained noisy and, at best, no more … Read more

ProMaster City to be dropped

2018 promaster city

For years, the ProMaster City, imported from Europe with little design change, was overlooked in favor of the Ford Transit Connect and Ram’s own full-sized ProMaster vans. While the ProMaster City held definite advantages while working in cities (particularly dense city centers such as Manhattan), it sold in small numbers—and, as one of two vehicles … Read more

Official updates: What’s new for the 2023 Mopars

purple 2023 super bee

Ram New for 2023 is an optional 12-inch digital gauge cluster with “nearly two dozen” different menus, five tiles for quick data, analog or digital readouts, and user profiles—on all types of Ram truck including chassis cabs. A new Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition has a multi-function tailgate with a “tailgate ajar” warning light, bed … Read more

Recalls: backup cameras and truck stalling

2017 Ram 2500 with Cummins diesel

Two Mopar recalls surfaced today, one which is quite serious but affects few cars, and one which is less serious but—also affects relatively few cars. The more serious issue is an engine computer with a misaligned capacitor; this can short circuit, killing the engine. Globally, it affects roughly 5,000 2022 model-year Rams built with the … Read more

FCA US, clearing up legal issues, paying $300 million for EcoDiesel cheats

VM diesel (Ram)

With Stellantis in charge and apparently eager to move beyond past mistakes, FCA US entered a guilty plea to conspiracy charges in federal court last two months ago. Today, the sentence came down: the company must pay $300 million for misleading federal regulators about the diesel emissions systems on 101,000 vehicles (Ram 1500s and Jeep … Read more

We know when the 2.4 is leaving—but what’s the replacement? (updated)

2.4-liter MultiAir Tigershark Engine

When the 2022 Jeep Cherokee eliminated the 2.4 liter four-cylinder, the writing on the wall became easier to read. The old “Tigershark” version of DaimlerChrysler’s World Gasoline Engine was now only used in the Jeep Compass and Ram ProMaster City. When we first wrote about this, weeks ago, we believed the 2.4 had around one or … Read more

When will we know? STLA releases the dates

future product releases

Three events are being planned to release new “electrified” cars, which may include both hybrids and battery-electrics. It is clear now that Dodge is bringing back the fratzog, at least for electric vehicles; it will have two previously announced releases in August. Sometime in September, there will be a new Jeep 4xe day showing off … Read more