FCA Canada sales down a bit, with some high points

FCA Canada reported a 10% fall in sales over 2021, compared with 2020. Jeep gained in retail sales by 20% for the full year. The Grand Cherokee, which recently added an “L” three-row variant and a new generation of the two-row model, gained in fourth-quarter retail sales by 56% to be the best selling full …

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FCA US 2021 sales figures are finally here

2021 sales

Stellantis reported retail sales similar to 2020, and total sales around 2% below 2020. FCA US LLC had sales of 411,513 vehicles in the fourth quarter and 1,777,394 vehicles in all of 2021. By comparison, GM sales dropped by 13% year to year; Honda rose 9%; Hyundai rose 22%; and Ford has not yet reported …

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Ram, Jeep recalls clue us into sales figures

2020 Cummins logo

Two recent recalls provide a window into sales of the new Grand Cherokee and Cummins-equipped heavy duty trucks. Recall 21V88 covers 222,410 Cummins-equipped 2019-20 Ram pickups and chassis-cabs in every capacity. The high pressure fuel pump may fail suddenly, stalling the engine. Owners will replace the pump, update the computer software, and replace any other …

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Mopar, Stellantis: profits and sales

Yesterday, Ford announced that its revenue had fallen by just 5%, while its third-quarter profit fell 24%, to $1.8 billion. Ford also restored the dividend it had suspended due to COVID, and announced that its full year profits would be much higher than expected—$10.5 to $11 billion. How did Stellantis, parent company of the former …

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Ram beats Chevy in USA; Jeep hits #5 on best sellers

Ram Ignition scoop

Ram beat the Chevrolet Silverado again to be America’s second-best-selling pickup after the wider-ranging Ford F-series, with 434,772 Ram sales year-to-date comfortably above 407,266 Silverados but well below 534,831 Fords. GM still beat Stellantis, overall, given 191,186 GMC Sierra sales; indeed, GM beat Ford, too, if we include both Silverado and Sierra, as we really …

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Cherokee, big-car plants down

2019-2021 Jeep Cherokee

Belvidere Assembly Plant will, according to Automotive News, be down until the end up October due to parts shortages. The plant has been slammed before by parts shortages as well, resulting in sharp declines in sales. Brampton (Ontario) is also down for the week; there appears to be demand for Challengers, Chargers, and 300s, but …

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Seems like you can still buy new Dodge Darts

In the last quarter, Dodge sold three new Darts—three times as many as in Q3 of 2020. That was a good number for a car which was dropped in 2016. Launched to great fanfare in 2013, the Dodge Dart posted impressive numbers for a midsize car, which it was rather close to being; as the …

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FCA US, Canada sales drops: 2021 shortages vs 2020 COVID

The US and Canadian branches of Stellantis saw sales drops, comparing their shortage-prone 2021 figures with the COVID-affected numbers of 2020. The good news in the US was, not unexpectedly, largely in Jeep and Ram; Grand Cherokee saw retail sales shoot up by 47%, with total sales up 45%, in the third quarter. It was …

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Got a buck for a car? (“Great Texas Mopar Vehicle Hoard Auction”)

sparkys Mopar Texas auction

A huge, online Mopar auction is coming, to break up a collection held in Texas and gathered over the course of many years. Some of the cars are pristine, some are junkers; and there is memorabilia for those who can’t afford the cars (or the shipping). The auction materials are already posted, via Spanky’s Freedom …

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Mopar, Stellantis owners less loyal than GM, but not at bottom

feldman cdjr (jeep dealer)

American Stellantis owners are less likely to stay loyal to the company than buyers of GM or Ford cars, by a wide margin, according to Experian data published recently by Automotive News. However, Stellantis is not at the bottom of the automotive field—though its competitors are generally much smaller. Among major manufacturers, GM is surprisingly …

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Big Mopar sedans running out of competitors

2021 Dodge Charger pursuit police car

US dealers will be clear of one more large sedan in 2023, according to Larry Vellequette of Automotive News, who reported this week that the Toyota Avalon is being dropped at the end of the 2022 model year. Originally created out of the Camry by mainly ex-GM engineers in the United States, the Avalon waxed …

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