Let’s clarify the Mopar engines of 2023-2027

At the risk of becoming, as one site called Stellpower, “an engine blog,” it may be worth clarifying what is going where.

The Pacifica, according to at least one source, is not switching over to the “Tornado” inline six-cylinder; it’s going to stick with the Pentastar V6 for quite some time, and possibly get a turbo 2.0 option in the future (though we’ve heard nothing about that, we can speculate that “it would make sense.” This part is solely speculation.)


The path forward is fairly simple—keeping in mind none of this has been confirmed by, or even run by, Stellantis people:

2.0T replaces the Pentastar slowly and gradually, over the course of years.

3.0T replaces the 5.7 Hemi, possibly over the course of two or three years.

3.0T high output replaces the 6.4 Hemi (392), possibly by the 2024 model year.

1.3T/1.5T replaces the 2.4 “WGE.”

This is neither an absolute plan nor an official one. The 2.0 can replace a V8 in some situations; the 4xe hybrid setup used by the Wrangler produces enough torque for the four-cylinder to easily out-power the 5.7 Hemi (which isn’t available in Wranglers or Gladiators). One can see a turbo-hybrid “Hurricane” 2.0 in large cars or SUVs as a base powertrain. The “Tornado” 3.0 turbo could be used to replace either Hemi, and chances are the standard version (replacing 5.7) would use regular or midgrade fuel—the 5.7 uses midgrade—while the high output would, like the 392 and Hellcat, require premium.

Stellantis does not use the Hurricane or Tornado names in public.

The engine discussion has, in some articles, morphed into a factory discussion as well. The current rumors have Belvedere making next-generation battery-electrics while Brampton makes batteries; however, there are some indications that Brampton will continue to make gasoline-based cars. This is not certain and it’s possible Stellantis is still deciding, based partly on union and Ontario negotiations. Some rumors claim that Brampton will make large cars into 2027; but the basis for using this date is unknown. Again, even if a rumor pops up based on good information, decisions can change; but the engine plan seems to be logical and a natural progression.

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