Staying in touch with Stellpower: three easy ways

You may wonder how you can stay in touch with Stellpower’s latest Mopar reporting. There are two easy ways.

First, you can sign up for email notifications of new stories. Those appear right in your mailbox; the signup is near the bottom of the page (so keep scrolling!) on phones, and in the right side toolbar on computers. Just put in your email address and click the big maroon button.

stellpower RSS feed

Second, you can use an RSS feed with an RSS reader. This is a terrific way to follow numerous different news sources, in case Stellpower isn’t enough for you. The nice thing about RSS readers is that they don’t get in your way when you don’t want them—no emails, no notifications. Mac users can use the (free) NetNewsWire or Safari’s built in setup; Windows users can use Outlook or Newsflow; and IOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android users can use Feedly for free or NetNewsWire. There are many other RSS readers.

Ah, but which feed to read? If you love Stellpower, just subscribe to our main feed at and you will get everything. To use your computer’s default RSS reader, just click on that link; to put it into NetNewsWire or some such, either copy and paste or type it in.

What if you only want our unique stories? Those are in the Exclusive feed— . The same scheme goes for any category, so if you want only stories about Dodge news, use instead.

Finally, you can use Google News, but only our stories marked as Exclusive show up there. Go to (and bookmark) this URL (yes, it’s long and complex):

This method tends to be a bit slower, and, again, you only get a portion of our stories. The fastest, most comprehensive way is the email route; the next best is RSS; and finally we have Google News (and possibly, someday, Apple News).

See you soon!

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