Nifty new screens (and other options) hit the 2022 Grand Cherokee L

It’s barely been launched, but already the Grand Cherokee L has been updated with three new colors (Ember, Hydro Blue, and Midnight Sky), gained new Limited Black and High Altitude packages, and added a 10.25-inch front passenger display and dual ten-inch rear seat entertainment with everyone’s favorite privacy eliminator, Amazon Fire TV.

The front interactive passenger screen allows a co-pilot to access the navigation and camera, or just watch TV; it’s standard on Summit Reserve, and optional on Limited, Overland, and Summit. A privacy screen prevents the driver from getting distracted by maps and movies.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L passenger side screen

The twin ten-inch high-definition rear-seat entertainment systems are optional on Limited, Overland, and Summit. Amazon Fire TV can use the in-vehicle WiFi hotspot, or phone hotspots. The system has 9 GB of storage per rear display (8 GB of which can store videos). The remotes use Alexa voice commands. Front and rear passenger screens also have HDMI input.

The Limited Black and Summit High Altitude include gloss black wheels (20 inches on Limited, 21 on Summit), gloss black accents outside, roof rails, and a unique seven-slot grille (late production).

The new Ember and Midnight Sky colors are available on Limited and up; Hydro Blue is on Overland and up. Ordering is open now.

We have inquired about getting a photo of the new 10.25 inch passenger display

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