Battery Electric Dodge Muscle Coming in 2024, Teased Today

Today is what Stellantis is calling “EV Day”, with all of their key brands announcing the electric vehicle plans over the next few years. For many Mopar lovers, the most important information comes from the Dodge brand. In a video posted to their brand’s official YouTube channel this morning, Tim Kuniskis provides a brief look at the upcoming EV plans for the high performance brand. Most significantly, Kuniskis stated that in 2024, Dodge will launch the first battery electric muscle car.

Dodge EV Day

No other information was offered regarding this mysterious Dodge EV, but at one point in the video, Kuniskis makes a comment about a “charger making a Charger quicker”. At one point, Kuniskis talks while looking over a 1968 Hemi Charger. Also, in the latter stages of the video, there are several shadowy images of a concept vehicle that could be the all-electric Dodge muscle car. The front and rear end are hard to make out, but it appears to have illuminated Dodge badge from the mid-1960s, which is a cool touch. There is also a shadowy silhouette shot and based on that, the car appears to have a longer roofline and a sloping rear window.

Dodge EV Day Teaser

Dodge EV Day Teaser

Dodge EV Day Teaser

Dodge EV Day Teaser

Based on what is said and shown in the video, we are guessing that the 2024 battery electric Dodge muscle car will be a Charger, but watch the video below and tell us in the comments section what you expect from the high performance brand in 2024.

Dodge EV AWD Burnout

The video ends with the mystery car doing a big, all-wheel-drive burnout, so make sure to watch to the end.

8 thoughts on “Battery Electric Dodge Muscle Coming in 2024, Teased Today”

  1. I’m having trouble visualizing exactly what I’m seeing with the concept car (of course, they want it that way). Am I seeing the back of the car? Or am I seeing the front of the car, with it accelerating in reverse? Can anyone discern what we’re looking at better than I can?

  2. Dodge always gives little clues or Easter eggs. The hammerhead shark thing was forcefully and strangely inserted. The 4 wheel burnout is a nice clue. The side profile certainly looks Chargerish

    • Agree, build a fast Hybrid, that gets unlimited range with ICE charging the battery, and gets 50-100 mpg really is a possibility. they’ve proven the can put a small perkins diesel in them, and have the electric motors…… They have some amazing diesel technology to build a hybrid with very little emmissions

  3. ICE only. Tired of all the green, brainwashing junk. Global warming is NOT going to be changed much from getting rid of ICE engines. It is the Earths NATURAL progress. Happened before. Will happen again. It is called nature. It is in God’s hand, not mans.

  4. Honestly I think this is the concept for an upcoming barracuda!! its a fastback design with a rear spoiler and a body like the ’68-’69 Barracuda fastback. Just a hunch but that’s what I’m thinking.

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