Behind the Jeep plant flooding: Investigation on the way

Photos of a Jeep parking lot flooded with water made the rounds of social media at the end of June, prompting some to blame Stellantis plant people for not clearing the lots. The flooded new Grand Cherokees had been stored there temporarily, awaiting rail transfer.

Jeep flood

The photo suggests that most of the vehicles were on relatively high ground, and the number of damaged vehicles—which were consigned to be destroyed, not sold as new or used—was never disclosed.

The floods, which affected highways as well as local roads, were unexpected and came from sudden hard rains. Normally, Detroit’ pumping stations would have dealt with that amount of water, but two stations—one at Conner Creek, which was likely close to the Jefferson Avenue plant, which is near Conner Avenue—were at reduced capacity, due to electrical problems. The plants were never completely offline, but they were unable to keep up with demand. An investigation of the incidents is pending, according to the Detroit Free Press.   (Story via Superduckie.)

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