Buy the last Plymouth ever made—cheap

The last Plymouth ever made is being auctioned off, and the last time we looked, the high bid was just $14,001. The car has the standard 2.0 liter engine and five-speed (manual) transmission, with 15-inch alloys, a sun roof, gray leather seats, and bright silver metallic paint; but it’s hardly ever been driven, with just 68 miles on the clock. It’s a second-gen Neon, so it’s a bit more comfortable, a bit larger, and a bit quieter than the original; but the engine had more weight to pull around.

The original owner of the car was Florida resident Darrell Davis, who had been a Chrysler executive and was then a Plymouth Owners Club member. He reportedly ordered it directly from Chrysler’s leader, James Holden.

Neon - last Plymouth

The lucky buyer will not only get an enjoyable car, if they choose to drive it instead of shutting it into a sealed box again, but manuals, brochures, and the assembly line “last Plymouth” banner. It’s at BringaTrailer.

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