Camp in your L: Mopar adds Jeep goodies

If you wanted to take your Jeep Grand Cherokee L camping, Mopar has you covered with a $390 tent kit ($321 from Internet discounters). The blue and gray tent has a 10×10 sleeping area, overhead storage net, inside pockets, two doors, three mesh windows, an exterior canopy, and a 7×6 screened room. What has this to do with the Jeep, you may ask? The tent attaches to the rear of the Grand Cherokee, so you can get in and out without going outside. It’s part 82212604 and it’s already on sale.

Other items of interest include side steps, a roof cargo basket, roof-rack crossbars, watersport carrier, bike carrier, splash guards, rear seat entertainment kit (roof-mounted), a collapsible pet kennel, and 21-inch wheels.

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