Canadian union: Don’t count Windsor, Brampton out

Windsor, the birthplace and current home of Chrysler minivans, will almost certainly get a battery-electric van, according to Unifor Local 444 president Dave Cassidy, speaking with the Windsor Star. He was not revealing a secret: one or two new electric models were brought up in the contract negotiations last Fall.

Stellantis said, a week ago, that an electrified Charger and Challenger were in the works for 2024; the current models are made in Brampton. Some believe Brampton will be converted to battery production or abandoned entirely after 2023, but Chrysler and FCA have both invested heavily in Canada—where Stellantis has a higher market share than in the United States—and Stellantis may take the change in product as an opportunity to build a new body shop at the former AMC plant.

Cassidy said that the Canadian governments (presumably, federal and Ontario) are helping Stellantis to retool the plants.

There has been no official word on the future of these plants past 2024 other than that there is no official word. However, given speculation on possible closures, the Star story may provide some relief.

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