Chrysler giving up on Australia

Once again, Chrysler is leaving Australia. With this move, drivers Down Under will have to pay over $100,000 to get a V8 engine in their car—and the 392-powered Chrysler 300 SRT, not to mention right-hand-drive Chryslers, will leave production.

Chrysler 300C Australia

Dealers have an inventory of around 30 cars, according to, which broke the news. The 300 was the only Chrysler sold in Australia, which was once home to a thriving Chrysler Valiant production line—sold to Mitsubishi decades ago.

Jeep and Ram remain in Australia, and remaining Chryslers will be serviced at Jeep dealerships. FCA Australia (still the name of the local division) said the company was focusing on SUVs, including the Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L, which are both sold in Australia.

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