Dodge Announces Beefed Up Security Measures for Challenger, Charger

Earlier this year, the Dodge brand announced plans to offer an enhanced security mode for the Challenger and Charger that would limit the output of the engines to just 2.8 horsepower. That makes it impossible for thieves to make a quick getaway and with so little power, the Dodge muscle cars aren’t able to drive up onto a trailer under their own power. That system goes a long way in helping to slow theft, but the crooks can still steal a car with that system active – albeit slowly.

Dodge Challenger Lineup

To further help prevent the theft of Challengers and Chargers, Dodge has come up with two more systems which are much more aggressive in stopping thieves with keys or tow trucks. Today, we bring you a look at each of the new theft prevention systems for the modern Dodge Challenger and Charger by model year from our friends at Dodge Garage.

2021 Challenger and Charger, Scat Pack and Hellcat

First up, we have the Enhanced Security Mode, which is sort of like a much tougher valet mode. This system uses a 4-digit code to lock down engine power to just 2.8 horsepower. Even if you have the key to the Challenger or Charger, unless you know that 4-digit code, you will have a hard time stealing the car without a truck and trailer. Even with the truck and trailer, you will need a strong winch to pull the car up onto the trailer, as with just 2.8 horsepower, it lacks the power needed to get that weight up a trailer ramp.

2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack

This feature is currently available right now, but only for the 2021 model year Challenger and Charger. If you want to add this mode to your car and you have a 2021 car with either the 392 or Hellcat Hemi, contact your dealership for more information on the Enhanced Security Mode. It is installed via a computer reflash and it is free. It is also reversible, in case you decide that you want the original valet mode instead.

All 2015-and-Newer Challengers and Chargers

Next up, we have the most comprehensive security update for the modern Dodge Challenger and Charger. The Key Programming Lockdown option will be offered for all 2015-and-newer Challengers and Chargers, regardless of their engine option. This system prevents a thief from cloning the key fob, which has become one of the most popular means of stealing these cars.

The key fobs in all modern cars with keyless entry and push-to-start ignition systems communicate with the vehicle with a radio frequency signal. Thieves use a gadget that captures and copies the signal being transmitted by the fob, essentially creating their own key for your vehicle. Once they have that signal coding, they can unlock the doors, start the car and drive away.

Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat

The Key Programming Lockdown option disables the portion of the key system within the vehicle which allows key cloning. The problem with this method is that when disabling the ability to clone the key code, this also makes it impossible to program new keys. Once the Key Programming Lockdown, you can no longer program a new key and the process is not reversible. This means that if you lose all of your keys and you need to get new keys made, you have to also buy a new RF module for $159 with the new keys. If you never need to make new keys for your car, the Key Programming Lockdown has no downside.

This process will be free and it will be installed by means of a simple computer reflash. The company is committed to having this system available for installation by January 2022, but they are on pace to have the first wave available as early as October. When this system first becomes available, it will be offered for 2020 and 2021 model year vehicles. Approximately six weeks later, 2019 will be available and every six weeks after that, this system will be available for another model year back to 2015.

2022 Challenger and Charger

Finally, the 2022 model year Dodge Challenger and Charger will be available with a new Intrusion Module. This system works similar to an aftermarket security system, combining a glass break sensor, an interior movement sensor and an inclination sensor. If someone breaks a window, opens a door and reaches inside or lifts the front end to tow the car away, the alarm goes off.

Charger and Challenger


This system will be standard on 2022 Scat Pack and Hellcat models while being part of optional packages for the SXT, GT and R/T models.


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