Dodge has a Cool Collection of Christmas Gift Options

Yesterday, we brought you some Christmas gift ideas based on a Mopar press release, but that pertained specifically to the Mopar brand and Mopar parts for the various Stellantis brands. That is great if you are shopping for someone who is a general Mopar fan, or someone who has multiple brands from the company in their driveway. Mopar offers something for everyone who drives a vehicle from one of the Stellantis brands, but if you are shopping for a Dodge lover – the Dodge Life website has far more Christmas themed options.

Dodge Slippers



While Mopar has a couple items that are actually Christmas themed, Dodge Life offers a much wider spread, from ornaments for your tree and glassware to clothing – including a new ugly sweater. Since we didn’t talk about these items yesterday and since Dodge has a greater offering of Christmas items, we wanted to showcase some of those today.

Dodge Socks

Dodge Christmas Apparel

Under the “Holiday” tab on the Dodge Life website, you will find 17 items. Some of them are things that would make great Christmas gifts, such as a Lego set, a dart board, a Shinola desk clock, cups, hats and shirts – none of which are really Christmas themed. This includes a few items sporting Dodge’s new slogan of “Horsepower is Our Superpower”, which has proven to be quite popular since being introduced.

dodge ornament

More importantly for today’s discussion, this page also has a handful of items which are distinctly Christmas or winter holiday themed. This includes a pair of socks with the Hellcat-with-antlers logo, a pair of black slippers with the Hellcat and Demon logos, a women’s cut shirt with a reindeer wearing a Santa hat and – of course- the quintessential ugly sweater.

Dodge Ladies T Shirt

In the case of the Dodge ugly sweater, it has the classic Fratzog logo displayed in the middle of the front, with Demon, Scat Pack, R/T and Dodge rhombus logos hanging below on ornaments. On one sleeve, there is a classic Charger script logo and on the other, the Hellcat-with-antlers logo. Along the bottom of the front, there is a Challenger widebody doing a burnout. That burnout car is also on the back, with more hanging ornaments which display the Hellcat, Hemi, Dodge Brothers, SRT and Fratzog logos.

Dodge Ugly Sweater

The Dodge ugly sweater is priced at $66.95, which makes it one of the more expensive options, but it is available in every size from Small through XXXL. In past years, these shirts have sold out, so if you want one, you should order quickly.

Finally, as mentioned above, there is a Dodge Christmas tree ornament, a Dodge coffee cup and a Dodge rocks glass that all have a holiday design, for those who don’t like guessing at sizes.

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