Dodge May Build a Thousand Additional Durango Hellcats

Back in January, Dodge announced that the order banks for the 2021 Durango Hellcat had been closed after all 2,000 planned units had been ordered. Fast forward to April and Dodge announced that the brand would be extended the production run beyond the initially-planned figure of 2,000 units. According to the report in April, there were quite a few prospective customers who attempted to submit an order for a Durango Hellcat after the initial 2,000 units had been reserved, but before the order banks had been closed.

Dodge Durango Hellcat

In other words, some people ordered a Duragno Hellcat before the order banks closed, but because all 2,000 units had been spoken-for, some buyers were left out in the cold. To fix that, Dodge announced that an additional group of supercharged Durangos would be built this summer, but there was no idea as to how many more units would be built. After all, how many sold orders could dealerships have been sitting on prior to the order banks closing?

Dodge Durango Hellcat

Well, according to the team at Muscle Cars and Trucks, there could be as many as a thousand more units built for the 2021 model year. That still makes the Durango Hellcat extremely limited, but a 50% increase in production volume isn’t likely to make those buyers who paid a big markup for one of the first 2,000 very happy.

Dodge Durango Hellcat

According to the report from Muscle Cars and Trucks, Matt McAlear from Dodge stated that the production target is over 3,000 units. Dealerships have been adding massive markups to these models, so while the initial plan to simply to satisfy sold orders with actual customers waiting, it seems likely that an addition thousand units will almost certainly lead to more dealer inventory with tens of thousands of dollars added onto the bottom line.

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