First of the Moab concepts

Stellantis has provided two sketches of the modified Jeeps it will show off in Moab on March 27 through April 4 at the Easter Jeep Safari. One of them is clearly the Magneto; one is blue and one is orange; and both have working headlights. Chances are the Magneto is either electric or 4xe; and both will have Jeep Performance Parts and, we strongly suspect, Katzkin seat covers.

jeep magneto concept

Stellantis’ press release:

Legendary Jeep® off-road 4×4 capability, unbridled fun, open-air freedom and electric powertrains will take center stage during this year’s Easter Jeep Safari as the Jeep brand and Jeep Performance Parts by Mopar again join forces to create custom vehicles built specifically to conquer iconic trails and terrain in Moab, Utah, March 27 – April 4. Design sketches give an early glimpse of the distinct and powerful performance concept vehicles that are set to debut at this year’s annual Jeep enthusiast event in Moab . More information and images coming soon.


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