Get this Dodge pickup while you can

For many years, Dodge was serious about trucks. The Dodge Division built the usual half-ton, three-quarter-ton, and one-ton pickups, but they also made big rigs for heavier-duty trucking needs. In the mid-1970s, they even tried marketing pickups to ordinary people as a replacement for muscle cars, using the unfortunate term “adult toys.”

This 1977 Dodge pickup comes from that era, coinciding with the Li’l Red Pickup Truck, Warlock, and other efforts to get the general public into pickups. It includes fire equipment in the bed; and it’s a low-mileage steal at under $440 (when we wrote this). While it only has a salvage title and does not run, that engine bay is a good size for a nice new 392 Hemi—or, if you’re cheap, you may be able to get a donated or near-free slant six, which is more period-correct. The truck itself has only 56,242 miles on the clock, though there’s no guarantee that’s the actual mileage, since they didn’t have a 100,000 mile place on odometers in 1977.

The vehicle is in Eminence, MO, which may explain why the bids are so low. Buy it, title it, engine it, restore it, and you have a fine show vehicle easily worth ten times your bid. Grandin’s fire department even put on a racing stripe for you. Click here to see more, and how you can bid and buy.

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