Giorgio is being converted to STLA Large

Several publications recently ran stories on the death of the sort-of-new Giorgio platform, designed to support medium-sized and large cars and crossovers for Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Jeep, and possibly Chrysler.

The reality appears to be different: Giorgio has simply been brought into a new naming system, which simply calls its platforms Small, Medium, Large, and Frame. Several sources have agreed that Giorgio is not dead, nor simply renamed.

Large (whose first car is set to appear two years from now) is not completely the same as Giorgio, but is likely based on the more recent Giorgio Global—which was modified to allow electrification and, presumably, to widen its applications within FCA and now Stellantis. As quick aside, the new Grand Cherokee L is on “a completely new platform,” but on prior corporate charts it showed as being on Giorgio Global—which is distinct from Giorgio. Need a drink yet?

Small will be based on Peugeot CMP/eCMP; Medium on EMP2. STLA Frame is the future body-on-frame platform, for Ram pickups and Jeep Wagoneers.

Astute readers may notice that there is no Jeep Wrangler in this chart; heavy duty and chassis-cab Rams are also left out. Any conclusion may be drawn, but it’s quite possible niche vehicles are simply not included in the chart. It’s also possible, though unlikely, that the Wrangler will be very thoroughly changed (if the Bronco steals too many Wrangler sales, expect the Jeep to give up its current suspension) or given a special, narrowed version of STLA frame. Wranglers are narrow cars because they are designed to fit through tighter spaces than, say, the Ram Power Wagon or TRX.

While we’ve seen charts like this under FCA, especially in the early days (before it was FCA), the Peugeot side has been quite adept at getting many cars (including crossovers) out of one platform, and there’s no reason to think those skills have gone away.

There will still be cars on FCA platforms for a while, just as there will be gasoline powered cars for quite a while, but ten years from now, the vast majority of Stellantis cars will be on Small, Medium, Large, and Frame.

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