Got a buck for a car? (“Great Texas Mopar Vehicle Hoard Auction”)

A huge, online Mopar auction is coming, to break up a collection held in Texas and gathered over the course of many years. Some of the cars are pristine, some are junkers; and there is memorabilia for those who can’t afford the cars (or the shipping).

The auction materials are already posted, via Spanky’s Freedom Car Auctions, a reputable auction house. In-person inspections are available and people can bid onsite or over the Net or phone. Buyers must pay immediately on completion of the auction, as usual; shipping is your responsibility (they are in Canyon, Texas).

sparkys Mopar Texas auction

In addition to various ordinary cars from 1937 to 2012, the auction has six police cars, 24 Imperials, 13 Chrysler 300s (including at least two letter cars), and a great deal of showroom signs, marketing supplies, and such. Vehicles are being sold on October 13, other material on October 14.

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Bidders must pay fees and sales tax in addition to their bid; storage and insurance may be added. The company web site notes that items will be taken back and resold if not removed on time; stopped checks will be reported to the police as evidence of fraud.


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