iPhone(RED) owners (and others) can get (Jeep)RED, (Ram)RED, or (Fiat)RED

(RED)®, a company which raises money to fight AIDS and COVID-19 by licensing its trademarked name, has signed Jeep®, Ram, and Fiat for special edition 2022 vehicles in the US, Canada, and Europe.

(RED) Compass or Renegade

The Ram 1500 Limited (RAM)RED, based on the Limited Night, will launch late this year. The Compass launches in the first quarter of Canada, followed by the Renegade; both will start in Canada and the U.S. and then move to Europe. Ram’s social media already features a “Born to Save” program. Fiat will join in, but only in Europe, with an electric 500.

The company expects to deliver over US$4 million to fight the COVID pandemic on a global scale. (RED) cofounder Bono, who gained fame as band U2’s front man, pointed out that fewer than 5% of people in Africa are fully vaccinate.

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The most popular brand working with (RED) is likely Apple, which has had (RED) editions for some time; Stellantis is the first multibrand automaker to work with (RED).

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