Jeep releases more numbers, makes new model almost certain

Jeep is almost certainly readying a vehicle to take on the Bronco’s dimensional challenge, though matching its independent suspension may prove much harder.

Chances are we will see something like the Jeep XTreme Recon package mentioned by Jalopnik, from a page that’s no longer visible; it would be on four-door Wranglers, including the 392.

jeep numbers

The first numbers were 40.4 and 47.4; the XTreme Recon used 35-inch all-terrain tires on 17×8 beadlock wheels with a 1.5 inch factory lift to create a 47.1° approach angle and 40.4° departure angle; the ground clearance was 12.9 inches, and water crossings rose from 30 to 33.6 inches. The final drive ratio was 4.56:1.

How about the new numbers? 33.6 is likely the water crossing depth; 12.9 could be the ground clearance; and 100:1, perhaps a gear ratio (in Low).

The Ford Bronco with Sasquatch Package has 35-inch tires and a 4.7 final drive ratio. The two-door blue-oval SUV has a 37.2° departure angle and 43.2° approach angle.