More Jeep, Ram recalls

The morning’s recalls are much more minor than yesterday’s Cummins fuel pump bombshell. First, some 2021 Ram 1500 pickups don’t show the rearview camera image at times, because of a conflict with the Trailer Reverse Steering Control Module.

All-new 2022 Grand Wagoneer Series III

Ram doesn’t actually have a solution yet. The 38,157 trucks (in the USA) covered were built from June 3, 2020 through September 12, 2021; Rams without the Trailer Reverse Steering Control Module are not included. This is recall 21V-918, and will almost certainly be global when a solution is found. As a side note, the Electronic Throttle Control warning comes on when the vehicle is put into reverse and the camera image doesn’t appear.

This is the third recent recall due to mismatches of programmed electronics.

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Second, a mere 793 Wagoneers and Grand Wagoneers are being recalled because the second row center seat recliner pull strap may bind on the seat surface, preventing it from locking in the upright position. A new strap will be installed in this recall, 21V-919.

In both recalls, the company will notify customers no later than mid-January.

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