New memoire delves into Mopars and wrecking yards

Remember hitting the junkyard to get parts to fix or upgrade your old beater of a car? Remember the friends you made putting things together? How about the old Slant 6 Club of America? Gary Platz does, and with Ed Dreistadt has moved his memories (and period drawings and photos) onto the printed page in the new book, My Slant On Things. The book includes stories of visits to the yard, attempted performance upgrades (including the “2,000 horsepower Valiant” which, I hasten to say, was nowhere near that power level), and other recollections, mistakes, and memories.
Available for just $12.96 from Amazon, or for $4.99 on Apple Books (digital version), this light-hearted look at old Mopars, junkyards, and the slant six community is 86 pages long, in a full 8.5×11 full-color format. The book includes an introduction by Allpar’s founder and a brief history of the slant six club itself, including its three colorful leaders.

In other news, The rise and reinvention of Chrysler minivans is now available in hardcover, with the Kindle edition dropped to $5.55 and the color paperback dropped to $19.84.

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