Pacifica gets more features, Voyager moving to fleet-only

The 2022 Chrysler Pacifica is getting more features and small price hikes, while the value-leading Voyager is moving to fleet-only, at least for now. The main reason for this is likely lack of supply, allowing Chrysler to target more affluent customers.

The 2021 Pacifica Touring model starts at $36,245; the 2022 model will start at $36,665, while adding new features (the old cold weather group; a clean air filter; and the rear seat reminder). Given that the filter is quite inexpensive, and the rear seat reminder saves the lives of children, making these items standard is long overdue.

The Touring L now has standard SafetySphere, previously a thousand-dollar option; its price is going up from $39,545 to $40,290 ($745). AWD is optional on the Touring and L.

While the Limited’s price rose by $1,675, it is adding the Premium Group and Safety Sphere, which would have cost $1895, as well as the clean air filter and rear seat reminder. The dual pane sunroof is being replaced by a triple pane version. The Limited AWD sets you back over fifty grand, but includes the 360° camera, parking assistance that stops the van for you (front and rear), and Harman Kardon 19-speaker stereo. A new Limited FWD model is around $2,600 cheaper than the Limited AWD.

Finally, there is the Pinnacle of minivans, which went up $850 in 2022; it now includes the towing group, Amazon Fire TV, wireless headphones, and, again, the air filter and rear seat reminder. The Pinnacle comes in AWD and FWD versions for 2022, while AWD used to be standard.

The Voyager, which in 2021 started at nearly ten grand below the Pacifica, will only be available for fleets in the 2022 model year, at least at first; if the plant can run at full capacity and fill any market needs at the upper end, buyers can expect retail Voyagers to return. That likelihood seems fairly small now, with car shortages expected to last for another year or three.

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