Police: explosion at Windsor plant seems deliberate

An explosion and fire yesterday at the Windsor Assembly Plant, which makes Pacifica, Caravan, and Voyager minivans, has been confirmed by police, who said it appeared to be intentional. Arson investigators found a “suspicious package that detonated,” according to the CBC.

pacifica at Windsor body shop

A Stellantis spokesperson said that the space has been cleared, and work appears to have gone to normal today.

Plant workers reported an explosion nearly 24 hours ago—before 6 pm, Thursday—which result in an evacuation of the plant; plant manager Jon Desjardins reported told all workers, including managers and front office staff, to clock out (if applicable) and leave immediately to avoid injuries. Clocking out may have been to make sure everyone had left.  Truckers surrounding the plant were also reportedly told to leave.

Unsubstantiated rumors of causes floated before the police weighed in, and included a minor electrical problem in one area and a small fire in the old paint shop (where a water leak occurred on Wednesday). However, these were not the cause of the evacuation.

Employees reacted with surprise and some horror at the idea of a deliberate explosion being set off at the plant. Not everyone on-site is an employee.

No injuries have been reported.

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