Ram beats Chevy in USA; Jeep hits #5 on best sellers

Ram beat the Chevrolet Silverado again to be America’s second-best-selling pickup after the wider-ranging Ford F-series, with 434,772 Ram sales year-to-date comfortably above 407,266 Silverados but well below 534,831 Fords.

GM still beat Stellantis, overall, given 191,186 GMC Sierra sales; indeed, GM beat Ford, too, if we include both Silverado and Sierra, as we really should.

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Year to date, the Ram is Stellantis’ only top ten vehicle in the US, unless we limit the count to (EPA-deinfed) light trucks; then, the Jeep Grand Cherokee shows up at #10 with 189,638 sales so far this year. That’s close to the 207,654 Toyota Highlanders, but nowhere near the 313,447 Toyota RAV4s that gave the Japanese automaker two of its three best sellers on the light-truck list (the Tacoma, with 200,631 sales, was their third).

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For the third quarter, the Grand Cherokee was far closer to the RAV4; Jeep sold 81,704 Grand Cherokees, putting it up to #5 on the overall top ten list. The Grand Cherokee even outsold the Camry (79,098) for the quarter. (Every traditional car on the top ten list was from Toyota or Honda—Camry, Civic, Corolla, in that order. Year to date, it was Camry, Corolla, and Civic, in that order.)


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