Three former Chrysler execs retiring from Stellantis?

According to AutoWatching, Stellantis is losing three former Chrysler people to retirement.

Scott Garberding was FCA’s highly regard head of manufacturing; he joined Chrysler in 1993 and rose to become head of quality, purchasing, and manufacturing for FCA US, before becoming FCA’s global chief of manufacturing.

scott garberding

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Michael Keegan, who joined Chrysler in 1990, was FCA’s chief audit, sustainability, and compliance officer under FCA; he had earlier led communications, human resources, and supply chain management. He started out as a financial analyst.

Mark Chernoby, who joined Chrysler in 1983, worked for Chrylser, FCA, and Stellantis for nearly four decades, and was vice president of engineering for a time. When the merger took place, he was FCA’s chief technical compliance officer.

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