Wagoneer gas mileage vs Suburban, Ram

The Jeep Wagoneer, a luxurious full-sized SUV, now has official fuel economy numbers. These are for the Wagoneer, not the Grand Wagoneer; the Grand Wagoneer comes with a 392 cubic inch high-performance Hemi, while the Wagoneer comes with the more mainstream 5.7 (345 cid) Hemi.

Grand Wagoneer Concept

With rear wheel drive, the Wagoneer is rated at 16 mpg city, 22 highway; with four wheel drive, it’s 15 city, and 20 highway. The main differences are height and weight.

The mileage is similar to the Ram 1500 and slightly better than the Chevrolet Suburban, as you can see below. The Suburban and Tahoe use ten-speed automatics with their V8 engines, but have a diesel engine available for those who’d prefer a little extra economy (ironically, the Ram 1500 was the first modern light-duty pickup with an optional diesel). The Suburban’s 6.2 has somewhat better mileage, but far lower power. The diesel has lower horsepower, but good torque.

Vehicle City Highway City Highway
RWD 4×4
Jeep Wagoneer 16 22 15 20
Ram 1500 Hemi Hybrid 17 23 17 22
Ram 1500 Hemi 15 22 15 21
Chevy Suburban 5.3 16 20 15 19
Chevy Tahoe 5.3 16 20 15 20
Grand Wagoneer 13 19 13 18
Chevrolet Suburban 6.2 14 20 14 19

Note: the 5.7 Hemi requires midgrade (89 octane) fuel and the 6.4/392 requires premium (91). The Chevrolet Suburban 6.2 requires premium. The Chevrolet 5.3 takes regular.

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