Yes, “Stellantis and You” is the name of their new EU retail online shop

How to name a retail shop where you can buy new and used cars, arrange for service, rent a car, or buy aftermarket parts, for Peugeots, Fiats, Alfa Romeos, Maseratis, Citroëns, Opels, and Jeeps?

Obviously, it seems, is the perfect name for Stellantis’ retail services, at least in 11 countries in Europe and in Morocco. The UK’s Robins & Day will change its name as well, in the next year or two.

Stellantis & You

“Our new name bears a deep meaning and an aspirational promise for our collaborators and in the benefit of our customers,” said Anne Abboud, Senior Vice-President of Stellantis & You, Sales and Services. “All of our collaborators are eager to serve our customers at the level they deserve, with a human approach that characterizes a landmark quality of service.”

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Stellantis & You is actually a separate company from Stellantis, albeit one owned by the global automaker; it combines the old PSA Retail with FCA’s Motor Village. The goal is “to reach 25% of online sales by 2030 alongside with best in class e-reputation results, to accompany customers in their new consuming journey.” (Whether that is 25% of Stellantis’ sales being online or achieving a 25% market share for online sales is unclear.)

A new e-reservation feature, allowing customers to reserve a car for three days, will be implemented at the end of the month in France, and then moved into the other countries over time.


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