A Gallery from the 20th Annual Muscle Cars at the Strip

Last month, the 20th annual Muscle Cars at the Strip was held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and it was an amazing event. Although winds so strong that the roofs were ripped from golf carts and steel barriers held down by sandbags were blown over on Saturday followed by hard rains on Sunday, the event formerly called Mopars at the Strip offered three days of high performance fun.

Muscle Cars at the Strip

Barracuda Wheels Up

Gen III Hemi Class

The main attraction of Muscle Cars at the Strip is, of course, the drag racing program, with hundreds of cars filling the many different classes. The field is mostly modern and classic Mopars, but there is a nice mix of Mustangs, Camaros and some other Ford and GM vehicles. From stock street cars to monstrous track-only race cars, the drag racing program is worth the trip to Vegas.

Dodge Demon

Dodge Drag Race

Dodge Drag Race

However, Muscle Cars at the Strip is not just drag racing, there is also a huge car show area, a sprawling manufacturer’s midway area, a swap meet area and, the most unique aspect, the autocross area.

Dodge Car Show

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway drag strip pit area is so huge that event with a full drag racing field, there is plenty of space to section-off for an autocross course. Concrete barriers line the outside of the cone course and throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday, all sorts of American performance cars are sliding their way through the tight turns.

Dodge Dart Autocross

We have included an assortment of images here, but we have a huge gallery on the Stellpower Facebook page with a look at everything that Muscle Cars at the Strip 2022 had to offer. Click here to check out the whole gallery.

Dodge Challenger Demon

Dodge Drag Race

Police Cars

Old Versus New Mopar Drag Race


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