Alfa, Chrysler dead last in JD Power Dealer Service

While Dodge came close to the average for mass-market brands, Chrysler hit the bottom of the J.D. Power dealer service surveys.

The reason is not readily apparent, but dealership sources claim that Stellantis has been making it harder to get warranty claims paid, slowing some repairs while they get proof that they were needed.

JD Power service study 2022

The best brand for service was Mini, which is distributed through separate facilities run by BMW dealers. The best true mass-market brand was likely Buick, which was one point of Mini. GM did well overall, with GMC and Chevrolet also coming in above average.

Dodge edged out Ford, which came in just above Ram; Jeep was in a dead heat with Kia, just below Honda but above Volkswagen and Hyundai.

Among luxury brands, Toyota’s Lexus took the top spot by a wide margin, but GM’s Cadillac was #2, edging out Porsche. The very bottom place was taken by Alfa Romeo. Years ago, Land Rover was a perennial front-runner, but in 2022 it too came out near the bottom; Hyundai’s attempt to set up a luxury brand, Genesis, came in below Mercedes, near the bottom.

If you prefer to have all the brands together, Alfa Romeo actually underperformed Chrysler in dealer service. Mercedes, fourth from the bottom in the luxury arena, outperformed all the “Mopar” brands (Maserati is not included in the study)—but Chevrolet edged out Mercedes.

While Mini, Buick, Mazda, and Mitsubishi, the top-ranked mass market brands in service, are relatively niche players, Stellantis would do well to be concerned about GMC and Chevrolet’s placement. Dodge is within reach of Toyota, and quite probably in a statistical dead heat, but Chrysler has a great deal of work to do; and with the Wagoneer pushing Jeep’s upper boundaries, a customer service score of fifth from the bottom should be a major worry.

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