Betty White has Passed Away at 99

Almost a year ago, I wrote a piece highlighting the fact that Betty White had recently turned 99 years old. Known best for her role as Rose on Golden Girls, White had an interesting connection to the Plymouth brand – serving as the celebrity spokeswoman for the 1958 model year lineup. We learned from the comments that piece from social media that pretty much everyone loves Betty White, which we kind of already knew, but even among groups of muscle car drivers, she had no shortage of fans.

Betty Whte

Betty White’s 100th birthday would have been on January 17th, 2022, but sadly, she passed away early on the morning of December 31st, 2021. Reports state that White passed peacefully of natural causes at her home in the Brentwood area of West Los Angeles.

While she was 17 days short of her 100th birthday, Betty White technically lived for more than 100 traditional calendar years. A traditional calendar year is 365 days, but since she was born in 1922, there have been 25 leap years. Those are 25 additional days, so while White was 17 days short of reaching her 100th birthday, the 25 leap days put her beyond the numeric count of 100 traditional calendar years. White lived a total of 36,508 days and while doing so, she touched many lives – including being a powerful voice for animal rights.

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Betty White 1958 Plymouth

For those wondering about her connection to Mopar, click here for our look at her partnership with Plymouth back in 1958 – including video footage and images.

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