Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on two Mopar books

Two Mopar books have been put on sale at Amazon.

The first, My Slant on Things: Tales of old Chryslers and junkyards and stuff, by Gary Platz with Ed Driestadt and David Zatz, is a series of stories about rooting through junkyards, keeping cars alive and well, and memorable experiences in the days when many people still used classic rear-drive Mopars as daily drivers. It has been discounted from $12.97 down to $9.99, temporarily. The eBook (Apple Books) price remains $4.99.

The second, Mopar Minivans: Second Edition, covers Chrysler minivans from their first drawings in 1972 all the way to the 2022 model year. This new edition includes more stories from key engineers about how they redesigned and updated the minivans over the years to keep it fresh and competitive. It is being marked down to $12.99, after originally selling for $19.84. (Canadian versions are marked down to C$15.)

The prices will return to normal after Cyber Monday.

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