Chrysler agrees to Pacifica class action settlement

Some time ago, Chrysler recalled Pacifica minivans for stalling caused by bad crankshaft position sensors. Now, the company has apparently settled a lawsuit around the same issue. The legal time handling the case doesn’t mention that the sole cause of the problem was the crankshaft position sensor, but it seems obvious from the details on the main part of the post card.

recall postcard

The settlement does not appear to add anything for those who did not pay out of their own pocket for a new sensor; Chrysler covers the sensor for five years or 60,000 miles for all owners. Indeed, Chrysler’s normal policy in these cases is to repay owners who did their own replacements before a warranty expansion, so being included in the settlement doesn’t seem to add anything there, either.

The card does suggest that owners might be able to get FCA US to buy back (or replace) the entire minivan, through arbitration, though the circumstances would likely have to be fairly extreme before an arbitrator would demand that step.

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