Current Muscle Announcements Coming at 7pm EST

As we near the middle of Dodge Speed Week, which began last Friday with the media preview for Roadkill Nights, the time has come for the three days of what the brand is calling “muscle announcements”. Today, Monday, August 15th, is labeled “Current Muscle Announcements”, so we expect news pertaining to the Dodge models which are currently available in your local dealership.

Dodge Challenger

Today’s news will be formally presented to an invite-only audience at the M1 Concourse racing facility in Pontiac, Michigan, and I will be on hand to bring you a look all of the news for the current models.

We already know what to expect later today, and while we cannot talk about it until 7pm EST tonight, we can tell you that there is a ton of news for the current lineup of Dodge muscle. This isn’t one or two big topics – Tim Kuniskis and his team are making sure that the current muscle lineup stays very fresh as the Challenger and Charger enter the final model year of this era.

2022 Dodge Charger SRT with SRT Black package

Again, all of our news from this evening’s event in Michigan will be live on the site at 7pm EST.

It is going to be a very exciting evening for the Brotherhood of Muscle.

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