Dodge Chief Donut Maker Contest is Down to 2

Today, Dodge Garage shared the second reality show style webisode of the Chief Donut Maker contest. This video begins with the ten finalists meeting with Bill Goldberg to find out which five would go onto “The Screen Test”. This selection process came about after Goldberg sat down with all ten and riddled them with questions to test their Dodge brand knowledge. That first elimination step removed Abbie, Corrie, Edgar, Jamie and Pauline from the contest, leaving Artie, James, Lauren, Melissa and Preston to move onto the next round.

Dodge Chief Donut Maker

In the next round, each of the five remaining finalists got in front of a green screen to prove that they can function well on camera in a variety of settings. The Chief Donut Maker will attend an array of automotive events and while doing so, he or she will spend some time making videos for the brand, so they have to be good on camera. From that step, the selection crew picked Lauren and Preston to go onto the final round – removing Artie, James and Melissa from the running.

You can watch the second video below, including the green screen tests with each of the five finalists and on April 26th – Hemi Day – the final video will debut, introducing the world to the Dodge Chief Donut Maker.