Dodge Last Call Program Answering Charger Fans’ Prayers

Since the current versions of the Dodge Challenger and Charger were introduced for the 2015 model year, the two have shared a great many features, with the two-door model getting extra power and new packages first. During this generation, the Challenger Hellcat got a bump from 707 to 717 horsepower in 2019 and the Charger Hellcat got that bump a year later, with the Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition package. The Challenger was the first to get the Redeye package with 797 horsepower and the Charger Redeye followed two years later. Most recently, the Challenger Super Stock debuted with 807 horsepower and a year later, the Jailbreak (below) package brought the same 807 horsepower to the Charger.

The 2022 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody Jailbreak

However, diehard Charger fans and owners have often hoped for a few other packages from the Challenger, most notably the 1320 and the Demon. These two drag strip-focused packages were and continue to be reserved for two-door models, but with the Last Call program, Dodge is working on giving the four-door fans in the Brotherhood what they want.

purple 2023 super bee

Earlier this week, Dodge introduced the second of the 2023 Last Call models, this time debuting the latest Charger Super Bee. This Super Bee is the most elaborate of the modern models to wear that name, serving as an obvious drag strip-focused package. In fact, if you look at the features of the 2023 Charger Super Bee, it can be compared to the Challenger 1320.

2023 dodge charger super bee

The most notable features of the 2023 Dodge Charger Super Bee are the wheels, tire and suspension tuning. The standard-width Charger Super Bee comes with 20×9.5-inch knurled wheels wrapped in 275mm drag radials, just like the Challenger 1320, and the Bilstein adaptive suspension system includes Drag Mode – like the 1320. The key difference between the Challenger 1320 and the Charger Super Bee is that the sedan doesn’t seem to come with the TransBrake system that is included in the Challenger, but anyone who has used that system knows that not having it certainly isnt the end of the world. Most 1320 (and Demon) owners don’t even use the TransBrake, as they run better times without it.

2023 Dodge Charger Super Bee special edition car

Where the Charger Super Bee has an advantage over the Challenger 1320 is in the inclusion of the Widebody option, which is not offered with the 1320. Dodge will build 1,000 Super Bees for 2023, 500 in standard width and 500 with the Widebody package, allowing the team to add wider tires on the wider models. The Super Bee Widebody comes with 18×11-inch “drag wheels” wrapped in 315mm drag radials, along with a Drag Mode of its own. While this package is a bit heavier, there is no question that the wider tires have a big impact on hooking up on a hard launch.

The Challenger 1320 has more gadgets, but for Charger lovers who wanted a Scat Pack to take drag racing, the 2023 Super Bee checks all of the most important boxes – showing the Dodge is paying attention to what the enthusiasts want.

2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock

The other big “want” from the Charger faithful is a Demon-like model, but I still don’t think that something quite like that is coming. However, the Challenger Super Stock is the closest thing to the Demon that has been offered by Dodge since 2018, coming with similar 18-inch wheels and drag radials, Drag Mode suspension and lightweight Brembo brakes. Those are similar items to what is offered on the Charger Super Bee Widebody, but the Challenger Super Stock has the obvious power advantage.

Hopefully, one of the other Last Call models will be a Charger Redeye with a similar wheel, tire, braking and suspension package, which would essentially be a four-door super stock. That would address the biggest request from the devoted Charger owners over the past few years, further showing that Dodge is working hard to address the requests of as many enthusiasts as possible before the generation ends.

5 thoughts on “Dodge Last Call Program Answering Charger Fans’ Prayers”

  1. I’ve never been interested in owning a Challenger. Years ago, I test drove an R/T with a manual and I really liked driving it, but the extra long doors would make it impossible for me to park in my tiny garage. The only option I must have that is missing from the Charger is the manual transmission, and that’s the only reason I never bought one. I don’t need 700 horses. Just put a manual in an R/T. Heck, if they can price it nicely optioned for under 35k, I’d take the V6.

  2. Chargers and Challengers have manual transmission mode. Some are equipped with paddle shifters allowing the driver to shift it like a manual transmission.
    I have a 2014 Charger V6 eight speed transmission with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. I believe the new ones have a manual mode on the console shifter

    • I had an Intrepid with an Autostick. Never used it. I have paddle shifters on my Alfa. Used them twice in the past year. It’s really sad that I have a $70k car that is not as much fun as the 5-speed manual Fiat 500 it replaced. (And if you think the 500 was a soulless dog, then you’ve only experienced the automatic, and reinforce my point.)

      Manual mode is not a manual transmission. It is a switch that will automatically shift the gear for you when you flip the switch to tell it to.

  3. Very informative article. My hopes for a true future muscle car is the Dodge ev muscle charger 4 door. My wife has a 2021 mach e gtpe and at 70 and 74 yrs old we are hooked. Nothing beats her red lite to red lite. Its a true master piece and Ford has done their homework. Dodge ev muscle charger would be my next car and grandkids are loving the mach e as the car seats seats perfectly.
    Price point is $70k EPA at least 260 miles. Our daughter has a challenger 392 and son in law 1997 mustang convo Shelby super charged with 50 shot nitrous. Hook yourself with a ev test drive. Auto cross is spring racing for our group of ev seniors.

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