Dodge’s 2023 police-car lineup—with a production advisory

“AHBguru” at Allpar shared a communication to police departments. As expected, 2023 will be the last full year of production for current police pursuit vehicles; but 2023 pursuit-car production will be “very limited,” because the Brampton plant is still working on existing orders from the 2022 cars.

The Charger Pursuit, the last American police sedan, has few changes, one of which is dropping the 12″ center screen (a police-only feature). There were also minor changes to options and colors. Both the AWD V6 and RWD V8 are available for ordering.

2022 Dodge Durango police pursuit car (squad)

The Durango Pursuit has no apparent changes, but there is no Durango SSV (Special Service Vehicle) option.

The Ram SSV series, available in 1500, 2500, and 3500 capacities, continue on; the 2500 and 3500 appear unchanged, and continue to have either the 6.4 gasoline engine or Cummins diesel. The Ram 1500 gains an optional 3.92 gear ratio, standard rear-view camera, and optional forward collision avoidance. Ram does not make pursuit rated vehicles.

While FCA US has not announced replacements for their police fleet, AHBguru wrote that he believed there would be a pursuit version of the new-generation Charger. Many expect a new Durango, likely sharing with the Wagoneer, but this has not been officially confirmed and remains at the rumor stage.

3 thoughts on “Dodge’s 2023 police-car lineup—with a production advisory”

  1. why do car companies do this kind of stupid changes, they build something that works and does what its supposed to do! and the go screw it up! take for instance lincoln had the airport limo business sewed up solid with their town car ,perfect for the job! so what did they do kill it! gone! the dodge charger is the perfect cop car, with the fence behind the front seat the fools in the back have no room to get stupid! if you think this electric car BS is the answer ! you are living in a fantasy land! what are you saving? nothing! thats what! why don’t you build a simple car people can afford, get rid of the self parking crap! the other junk we don’t need !If you can’t drive, get the hell off the road! If I had my way every new driver to get a licence would have to take the test in 50’s pickup truck ,standard transmission, no power nothing and pass!

  2. I’m really going to miss seeing the Charger Pursuit, the only truly CLASSY-looking police vehicle since the old full-size Dodge RWDs were discontinued. Not taking anything away from the Crown Vics, eventually Ford turned them into excellent police vehicles, and the CVs had a well-deserved reign.

    But in terms of just plain bad-a$$ looking police vehicle, only the Charger has even come close in the past many years. I understand the Charger Pursuit is quite reliable, and operating costs are much better than any of the SUV-based pursuit vehicles. Resale price, not so much. But overall the V6 Charger Pursuit saves a lot of fuel burned, and looks great doing it. I’d lover to see a thorough, honest accounting of lifecycle costs to the taxpayer for Charger Pursuit V6s vs Explorers and Tahoes.

    CHP (California Highway Patrol) has used Chargers for a number of years now, all I’ve ever heard is that they are reliable and the officers love the way they drive, but most of them prefer the taller seating position and more metal wrapped around them as provided by the SUVs. CHP recently started switching their patrol vehicle fleet from Charger Pursuits to Chevy Tahoes.

    Still, only the Charger Pursuit makes the officers actually look like they are bad-a$$, fully-capable drivers, whereas the SUVs (Ford Explorers in particular) are dumpy-looking and make the officers look like they’re on the way to school to pick up the kids.

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