Examining the Unknown 24 Months of Muscle Icons

If you are reading this, you likely know that Dodge issued the 2-year “Never Lift” plan with a unique calendar of sorts. On that calendar, shown below, there are some blank spaces, some icons that we can identify and some unknown icons. The spots on the calendar which have already been uncovered, include the Jailbreak models, Operation 25//8, the Direct Connection preview, the new Tony Stewart Racing program and the Chief Donut Maker program and more.

Dodge Calendar

There are also some icons that we imagine will “open up”, since they are all garage doors, on the prescribed dates. This includes a spot for the official start of the Direct Connection Performance Package sales and the announcement of all Power Broker dealers on March 9th, but there are more than a half dozen icons with no explanation. All we can do is guess as to what they mean for now and below, that is exactly what we have done.


The Dead Coyote

First up, we have what is clearly a coyote which has been run over by a vehicle tire. Some outlets and some enthusiasts believe that Dodge will introduce something to battle the Ford 5.0-liter engine, which is known as the Coyote, but both the 392 Hemi and the Hellcat Hemi offer significantly more power than the Ford 5.0. There is a chance that Dodge will introduce some sort of “Roadrunner” model, dipping into the old Plymouth bag of model names, but we think that it will just be an announcement about Roadkill Nights in Detroit.

Dodge Coyote


The Crown

We believe that this will relate to the announcement of the Chief Donut Maker title, but with the suggestion of spray paint on the garage door, it could be an exterior paint color making a return or debut. We know that there are more exterior colors coming in the next two years and we think that several icons will relate to new or returning colors. This could be one if it doesn’t pertain to the Chief Donut Maker contest.



The Ghost

This image shows a ghost that has been spray painted on the garage door. We think that this one forecasts the return of Phantom Black Tri-Coat.

Dodge Ghost


Hands Up

Many automakers have introduced hands-free driving systems as part of elaborate cruise control software. Both Jeep and Ram are already using a system like this and it is expected that the future Dodge EV will have such a feature. Perhaps the feature will debut on the current Challenger and/or Charger as part of “Never Lift”.

Hands Up


The Honey Pot

Next up, we have what appears to be a honey pot with exhaust headers. We know that Stinger Yellow exterior paint is expected to return, and this icon could apply to that color, but it could also be something else. In the past, the Charger has been offered in Super Bee form and the Challenger variant was the Yellow Jacket. Perhaps those trim levels will return with the Stinger Yellow paint.

Honey Pot


Spray Can of Doom

A spray can with a skull and crossbones seemingly points directly to paint, but what color? Toxic Orange was offered in past model years and the dark metallic color is very unlike any current color, so it makes sense in the lineup and with the icon.

Spray Can


Tire Swing and a Moonshine Jug

Finally, we have tire swing and a moonshine jug. The tire swing could relate to some sort of tire announcement – perhaps something like a drag radial package. Drag radials are standard with the 2018 Demon, the modern Challenger Scat Pack 1320 and the SRT Super Stock, but the Charger has never gotten any love in terms of drag strip-ready tires. Dodge could roll out a package for the Charger with drag radials, or perhaps they will become some sort of unique package.

Tire and Jug

As for the moonshine jug, it is a popular rumor that Dodge will be returning to NASCAR. NASCAR history begins with moonshine runners competing to show off whose car is the fastest, so perhaps the moonshine jug is a nod to the foundation of NASCAR and a return to stock car racing.

If you have any ideas as to what these icons mean to you, tell us in the comment section below!

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