Faulty part bricks some 2022 Grand Cherokees; the fix is already here

A faulty radio module can brick 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokees, according to The Drive at MSN. Writer Peter Holderith wrote that the symptoms are owners trying to unlock their car with a key fob which has lost connection to the car; if they try to unlock it using their physical key, the vehicle believes it is being stolen and shuts down.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Holderith wrote that dealers have gotten a stop-sale notice for a relatively small number of Grand Cherokees sold in February, pending parts replacement. The problem might only affect the L but the article suggests both lengths are affected.

A Jeep representative told us that there was indeed a stop-sale, for a limited number of vehicles. In addition, Jeep already has a fix, which is already being deployed; customers in the field are getting top priority. The official statement is:

We have identified a solution and are expediting delivery of the appropriate parts to our dealer network. This issue affects a limited number of vehicles and does not require a safety recall. We are contacting customers to advise them that free service is available.


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