FCA Canada sales down a bit, with some high points

FCA Canada reported a 10% fall in sales over 2021, compared with 2020. Jeep gained in retail sales by 20% for the full year. The Grand Cherokee, which recently added an “L” three-row variant and a new generation of the two-row model, gained in fourth-quarter retail sales by 56% to be the best selling full size SUV in Canada for the quarter.

FCA Canada reports Chrysler Grand Caravan (entry-level Pacifica) sales separately in Canada, so we can see that the Pacifica was actually more popular, with 4,505 sales versus the more entry-level Caravan’s 2,721. The old Dodge Grand Caravan, on the other hand, had 6,113 sales despite having been discontinued; and in 2020, its sales were a much more respectable 22,883. How much of this was due to the end of super-bargain pricing, and how much to the name changes, and how much to production shortfalls, is a matter for speculation.

FCA Canada 2021 sales

Unlike FCA US, the Canadian branch sold no Darts, Vipers, 200s, or Patriots. They did clear out 94 Journeys.

FCA Canada repots Grand Cherokee L separately, so we can see that there were 2,555 sales of the new model against 16,878 of the two-row. Wagoneers were not listed (and were possibly subsumed under Grand Wagoneer), but buyers chose 329 Grand Wagoneers.

The 300 had 795 sales, closer than in the US to Charger sales of 1,924 and Challenger sales of 1,563. These, along with the minivans, are all made in Canada. The Durango managed to beat all the sedans combined, wtih 5,763 sales.

Alfa Romeo sold a relatively respectable 919 cars, an increase of 33% (due mainly to Stelvio), while Fiat,  nationwide, managed a total of 79 sales, most of which were the discontinued Spider. Just 18 still-in-production Fiats were sold in 2021.

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