FCA Canada sales up; Mexican sales report

In Canada, a country where Chrysler has traditionally enjoyed its highest market shares, second-quarter sales of Stellantis products rose by 17% over the same period in 2021—and retail sales rose by 18%, showing that the gains were not due to aggressive fleet sales.

FCA Canada sales

Overall, for the first half, FCA Canada sales rose by 4% to 89,771, according to the company. Jeep was responsible for 18,374 sales, a 29% increase over Q2 2021; the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler both set records, and the Wrangler 4xe was Canada’s best-selling PHEV, with 20% of Wrangler sales for the first half.

Minivan sales more than doubled Q2 2021 sales, as they did in the US; the PHEV version was good for over a third of the total 3,277 Grand Caravan/Pacifica sales.

The following numbers are year-to-date only. So far this year, the Pacifica has gone up to 81% to 4,217 sales; the similar but cheaper Chrysler Grand Caravan has gone up 84% to 2,384; and the 300 rounded out Chrysler sales by more than doubling to 1,284.

At Ram, pickup sales were down by 5% to 37,641, while ProMaster rose by 26% to 1,642 and City rose to 364.

Dodge had nothing but gains save for the Caravan, which left production last year; its 5,734 H1 2021 sales were not matched by gains at Chrysler—only around 2,969 more Chrysler minivans were sold in H1 2022 than in the prior year. Still, with sales falling for most automakers, it’s hard to know what that means.

For cars that are still made, the Durango was Dodge King in Canada, with 3,174 sales—no change from H1 2021, when 3,171 were sold. The Charger did quite well, gaining 81% to 2,340, and the Challenger rose a little to 1,202.

Mopar '22 Dodge Durango

At Jeep, the top seller by a massive margin was the Wrangler, with 13,851 sales; #2 was the Grand Cherokee, split almost evenly between standard and L versions (with a slight advantage to L), selling 7,605 in total—down from H1 2021’s 8,672.

The remaining Jeeps were all minor by comparison: Compass, 3509, up 27%; Gladiator, 3300, up 59%; Cherokee, 2606, down 57%; and Renegade, 215, nearly double its past performance. The Grand Wagoneer saw a respectable 1,441 sales.

Alfa Romeo sold 462 cars, up by 6% and heavily biased to the Stelvio; Fiat sold all of 28 cars, down 56%, across all of Canada, for six months. That is less than five cars per month—roughly one per province per month.

Canadian sales were surprisingly strong, but it’s hard to know how much of a role was played by supply.

Dodge attitude

In Mexico, reporting was sparse. Here is what we know about June sales:

  • Chrysler: 32 sales
  • Dodge: 1,930 sales, up 69%; Attitude (pictured) 1,072. Journey somehow reported its best June since 2015.
  • Jeep: 1,422 sales, up 40%; Renegade, 218; Wrangler, 41
  • Ram: 1,978 sales – 828 Light Duty, 75 Heavy Duty, 669 Ram 700
  • Fiat: 772 sales; best June for Ducato; 421 Pulse; 156 Argo
  • Peugeot: 1,205 sales; best month for 2008, best June for 3008
  • Alfa Romeo: 10 sales

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