FCA US sales are down, but Dodge and Chrysler are up

FCA US sold 385,665 cars and trucks in the third quarter, a decline of 6% from 2021—despite gains by Chrysler and Dodge. Year to date, FCA US is down by 12%.

Chrysler’s two vehicles, Pacifica and 300, both rose, with Pacifica up 46% and 300 up 17% vs the third quarter of 2021; the Pacifica Hybrid was good for 12% of minivan sales. (Voyager is included under Pacifica .) 2023 Chrysler 300C reservations sold out in 12 hours, with a long waiting list.

Q3 FCA US sales

Other companies, so far (all numbers are yard to date):

  • Ford: not yet reported; YTD sales at the end of August were down by just 0.2%
  • GM — down 7.2%
  • Honda—down 38%
  • Hyundai-Kia—down 7.5%
  • Mazda—down 21%
  • Nissan—down 31%
  • Subaru—down 13%
  • Toyota—down 15%
  • VW-Audi—down 18%

Dodge sales rose, with Charger up 25%, Challenger up 17%, and Durango up 32%. Ram’s commercial-vehicle shipments rose by 69% overall; but Ram as a whole was down by 4%, with the pickups and chassis cabs falling by 3% and ProMaster vans falling by 17%. ProMaster City rose by 55% to 4,448 for the quarter, but the model is being discontinued. Jeep fell by 18% for the quarter, with around 15,400 profitable Wagoneers countered by a sudden plunge in Grand Cherokee (53%) and Renegade (39%) sales. Wrangler went up a little and Gladiator went down a little; Cherokee held steady and Compass fell. Finally, Alfa Romeo fell by 24%, to just 3,440 cars, and Fiat continued its death spiral with a 48% sales drop to just 208 cars—including 17 leftover Fiat 124 Spiders, seven leftover 500s, and five 500Ls. Only the 500X is still current and sales of that model fell by 43%.

Year to date, the picture is worse; FCA US is down by 12%, with only Chrysler showing a gain (18%). In terms of volume, Ram had the worst fall, with a 16% drop affecting traditional Rams and ProMaster vans about equally. Jeep comes next with a 10% fall; Compass rose year to date, but every other nameplate fell (Wagoneer is new for 2022 and doesn’t count in year-to-year comparisons). The Cherokee was hit worst with a 61% fall, followed by Renegade’s 43% drop.

Dodge saw Charger sales rise by 2%, but the Durango fell by 25% and challenger by 5%. Dodge also faced the loss of the Journey, which had 13,827 sales in Q1-Q3 2021. The leftovers seem to be getting cleared out, with four Darts, one Viper, 26 Caravans, and 187 Journeys finding new owners.

Alfa Romeo dropped by 31% year to date, with a mere 9,814 sales—the two Alfas, together, failed to reach Chrysler 300 numbers. Fiat dropped by 62% from 2,107 to 797, with across the board drops. The main issue at Fiat was losing the Fiat Spider , which had 932 sales in Q1-Q3 2021 and just 24 in 2022 so far (it was discontinued); but the only surviving Fiat, the 500X, didn’t fare too well, either, with a 23% sales drop to 757.

Every automaker is still being hit by supply shortages, which affect the numbers as much as (if not more than) customer demand. GM, however, managed to have a 24% year over year sales increase for the third quarter.

Q3 2022 sales chart

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